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A sensei is not born, but develops experience helping others

Training in the Art

Clients we've strengthened....
and learned from

Rio Tinto
ME Bank
Woodside Energy
Datacom, Fujitsu, Unisys
Sydney Olympics (SOCOG)
Hostworks (NineMSN, TicketTek, AEC)
State Governments (QLD, SA, VIC, WA)
Federal Government (Defence)
Local Governments
Australia Post
Vodafone NZ

Dexterity and Strength

The tools and technologies
we've tamed

AWS - Cloudwatch, CloudTrail, GuardDuty, Lambda, S3, Cloudront, WAF, Textract, Connect, Flow Logs, EC2
Microsoft Windows Server
Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX
Tenable Nessus
Rapid 7 Metasploit and Nexpose
Active Directory
Oracle RAC, Oracle Financials
Office 365
Palo Alto, Fortinet, NetScalar, Cisco
Symantec, McAfee
NetBackup, TSM
NetApp OnTap
Python, Powershell
Bank Statements

Tangible Results

Problems we've solved

Fraud Detection
KPI Reporting
Security Analytics
SIEM Implementation
Impossible Logins
Ransomware activity detection
Alert Consolidation
Helpdesk Call-readiness
Location Visualisation
Performance Visualisation
Layered Defence Monitoring
Watching the Watchers
Operational Monitoring
Accounting: Transaction account assignment
Privilege Use Audit
Skipped Event Alerting
Automatic Remediation
Configuration Change Detection
Threat Detection
PCI DSS Compliance Validation
PCI DSS Control Implementation

Service as a Sumo

In association with sumo logic

The journey so far has provided opportunities to tackle daunting Security Monitoring and Operational Reporting challenges for:

Australia Post
Victorian Government Agencies
Superannuation Providers (retail and back-office)